Democratic Control of California State Government

by admingene on December 7, 2012

Democrats in California have a rare opportunity to accomplish a great deal for the State.  As you undoubtedly know, State government is now totally controlled by the Democrats.  A Democrat is Governor and two-thirds of the members of each house of the Legislature are Democrats.  While some argue for caution, I would argue for boldness.

In 2009, Democrats in the U.S. Congress held a majority in the House of Representatives and a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate.  But they did not take full advantage of the opportunity, and after the death of Ted Kennedy, the 60 vote majority quickly disappeared.  The California opportunity does not come along very often.  The last time Democrats held the Governorship and two-thirds of both houses of the legislature was 130 years ago.  There is no reason to think the current situation will last very long.

During the 1960 campaign for President, when asked why he wanted to be President, John Kennedy famously said, “Because that’s where the power is.”  Democrats have the power and should use it.  If the situation were reversed, you can be sure the Republicans would be repealing every tax in sight and dismantling, or at least crippling, every program that helps people in need.  It is time to improve education from pre-school through college.  Repairing and maintaining our physical and technological infrastructure is necessary to attract and retain businesses and jobs.  Some of the social programs that have been lost to budget constraints over the past few years should be re-instated, on at least a moderate level.  We should make it easier to pass school parcel taxes and other local tax measures by lowering the passing threshold below two-thirds.  And assuring the success of Obamacare in California will only make us healthier and stronger.  While the views of the minority should be respected and taken into consideration, lest Democrats be seen as overreaching and overtaxing, the voters have said that government can help people and help the State.  Democrats must not be afraid to listen to the voters.

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Democratic State Controllers have held office for the entire duration of this tie, giving Democrats control of the Board. A Republican, Arthur H. Breed, was elected President Pro Tempore with the helped of the minor parties.

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